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Powered by Breakaway Hockey

The Chatham Hockey Club partners with Breakaway Hockey who fulfills all jersey and sock orders through

The club's online store also offers many Chatham Hockey spirit wear options.

New for 2017/2018, all new jersey orders will feature player’s last names on jerseys.  Also, our white jerseys will now be the same embroidered style as our nice blue jerseys which our kids all love.

All jersey, sock and spirit wear costs are conducted directly through shopchathamhockey website and all prices are listed directly in the online store.

When ordering a jersey for your player, please indicate your skater's current CYH/CHC jersey number. If your skater doesn't currently have a Chatham jersey, please provide first, second and third choices and we will check those numbers against our existing rosters.  The club tries to ensure two year gaps in birth years when reusing numbers and also makes every attempt to allow legacy hand-down of jerseys between siblings.


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